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There are fathers who deserve an ‘F’

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Von Liz Lois

Last year I participated as an observer in three schools in the Allentown School District (ASD). Although a 64.4% of the student body throughout the district are Hispanic (1), at first glance I could tell that in these three schools in particular about 90% of the students I observed were Latino. I left absolutely distraught because of the bad behavior that the vast majority of these students exhibited throughout the day in the classroom, in the cafeteria, and hallways of the campus.

In a classroom of an elementary school, beispielsweise, teachers had to interrupt the lesson constantly to correct a child after another because they did not stop to talk, to play each other, to laugh, and to interrupt the teacher with complaints and inappropriate comments.

Some simply distracted with anything, they stood in their seats or hechaban lazy on the table or desk to doze. Except for a couple of timid children, most students did not seem to be focused on learning. Visual tools that teachers used to try to get their attention only worked for a couple of minutes as I could observe.

In my report card, parents of these children do not take even a C. Offen, I would give them an F flatly that the American assessment system means ‘Failed’ and in my book is interpreted as ‘Total Failure’.

The work being done by parents at home with their children is clearly reflected in the classroom. A child receiving care, discipline and education at home, knows he must maintain acceptable behavior when away from their parents. It is possible that these children lack self-control and disrespect the classroom with misconduct with which teachers must deal frustrated day by day.

I welcome the initiative of its campaign Univision is the moment that promotes education among Latinos and encourages parents to get involved in their children’s academic training. If Latinos do not take education seriously, we will continue lagging behind. Latinos are the group least graduate from college.

University graduates in 2007 (2)

12.5 Hispanic
African-Americans 17.3
30.5 Angles
Asian 49.5
Source: U.s. Census Bureau

The efforts of the education system to educate our children will have no impact unless parents assume their responsibility. If Latino parents do not take control of education and behavior of their children, our community will simply stuck in a mediocre life and vulnerable to situations of discrimination.


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